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Pharmaceutical / Medical

Pharmaceutical/Medical jobs offer abundant opportunities for growth in the industry. It is one of the most sought after jobs. With the increase in the percentage of the old age population and further increase in the use of medicines, there is a great demand for pharmacists. With the high demand in pharmaceutical jobs, many career options are created in the industry. There was a time that innovative Pharmaceutical Industries could rely on their R & D, their filled pipeline with promising compounds, their salesforce and marketing muscles. Currently Life Science companies are experiencing profound and rapid changes in global markets, R & D and technology, as well as in the social, environmental and legal context in which they must operate. In this challenging environment they need to understand and work cohesively within a chain or network in order to react decisively to market demands, strengthen their competitive position and meet the requirements of a wide group of stakeholders. As per a study, in the coming decade, there will be opening of jobs for Indian pharmacists in the global scenario as there is a dearth of professionally qualified pharmacists in the international market.


Career Opportunities


Hospital pharmacists monitor drug therapy, prepare intravenous (IV) admixtures, make purchasing decisions, and oversee drug administration. They play an important role in nutritional support, pain management and deals with therapeutics, infection-control, risk-management, and educational programs.


Companies that discover, develop, formulate, manufacture, and distribute pharmaceuticals offer many career opportunities including manufacturing, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, pharmaceutical research & medical writing


University faculty in pharmacy-related disciplines has many opportunities to participate in these challenging developments as educators, basic scientists, and clinical practitioners.


Pharmacy consultants are skilled clinicians, educators, and managers serving in home care agencies, hospices, adult day-care centers, and other long-term care facilities. They identify drug-related problems and help resolve them on the basis of their clinical expertise.

What we offer at V-Edge

V-Edge can provide workforce to the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries in the following areas:

API Chemical Production and Synthesis
Technology Transfer and Process Validation
Process Design/Scale Up
NPI, Commissioning and Validation
Project Management/Change Management